Waist High TurnstylesWaist High Turnstyles are turnstile models with three arms that are about waist height for the average person. These turnstiles provide the perfect height for pedestrians to push through with ease. They are often referred to as a tripod turnstile gate and are great for secured entry control into busy venues.

Full Height TurnstylesFull Height Turnstyles are larger, tall, and sturdy.  They are usually about 8 feet high and are similar to a revolving door.  They are more secure than a waist high because people are unable to crawl under them or jump over them.  They can also become a tandem turnstile so that there can be an entry and exit.

Optical TurnstylesOptical Turnstyles use infrared sensor to detect when people pass through them.  The person present access credentials to scanners on the turnstile. If someone tries to pass through without the access card and alarm will sound alerting security.  Optical Turnstiles can come with or without barriers.

Pedestrian GatesPedestrian Gates or swing gate turnstiles are an efficient and effective way to control and monitor the flow of people in and out of your facility. Pedestrian security gates can function as both a stand-alone system or as integrated component of an pedestrian access control solution. Both methods of swing gates help you control staffing and security at your facility’s entrances and exits.

Security Entrance Door
Security Entrance Door is full height pedestrian security gate that looks and functions much better than a chain link gate or a one-off fabricated solution, working more like a secure entry door. Security entrance gates typically have stainless steel hinges, a pull handle, and a heavy duty hydraulic closure that prevents slamming.

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