Turnstiles in Louisville, KY
Turnstiles in Louisville, KY

If you are looking for turnstiles in Louisville, KY look no further than Avant-Garde Turnstiles. We have installed turnstile systems all over the world for sporting venues, colleges, corporations, factories, distribution facilities, and much more. We do it all; design, product selection, installation, maintenance, service, and parts. We are the partner of choice for secured entry control and turnstile security  throughout Kentuckiana.

Our teams install turnstiles in Louisville and throughout the U.S., we even do international work. In fact, our experience coupled with our ability to secure facilities just about anywhere on earth makes us a go to  choice for many organizations looking for a single source secured entry partner.  Avant-Garde Turnstiles is proudly a family owned American company. We take a hands-on approach to our work. No project is to small and it’s not uncommon to see our senior management on site turning screws along-side some of the best turnstile technicians in the world. Our experienced staff puts our expertise and outside the box thinking at your fingertips. Giving you the best security and turnstiles solutions anywhere in Louisville and beyond. We don’t just think different – we are different.

From sales and installation to maintenance and repair services our company is built from the ground up to deliver the very best in turnstile security solutions. Our client’s range in size from large international corporations to single site customers. They choose Avant-Garde Turnstiles because of our expertise in the security field, our outstanding customer service, and our ability to provide service and support throughout the Louisville Metro area.

Our Louisville Product Line

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