Alvarado SU500 Optical Counting Turnstile

The barrier free SU500 optical turnstile has an advanced optical detection system that counts each passage as patrons pass through. The SU500 can be configured in the field to count in one direction, or in both directions. If configured for single direction passage only (i.e. entry only, exit only), the SU500 can generate an audible alarm to notify of the wrong way attempt.

The SU500 has a very compact cabinet that saves valuable floor space. Lanes can be spaced to provide passage areas of either 30″ or 36″. Center expansion cabinets that have the same dimensions as end cabinets are available, allowing space-saving multi-lane configurations. For example, three cabinets can create two passage lanes and four cabinets can create three passage lanes.

  • Single direction or bi-directional patron counting
  • Configurable (.wav) alarm warns of wrong way passage
  • High counting accuracy
  • High throughput capacity
  • Slim cabinet design
  • Same cabinet dimensions for standard and handicapped widths
  • Stainless steel or powder coated cabinet finishes

SU500 / SU500E
The SU500 consists of a pair of end cabinets that create a single 28” wide passageway. The SU500E is an extension center cabinet, with the same dimensions as an end cabinet, used to create additional counting passageways with the addition of a single cabinet. For example, one SU500 and one SU500E (total 3 cabinets) would be used to create two counting passage lanes. Additional expansion center cabinets are used to create additional counting passage lanes.

SU500-A / SU500E-A
The SU500-A consists of a pair of end cabinets that create a single 36” wide counting passageway. The SU500E-A is an expansion center cabinet that allows an additional 36” counting passageway with the addition of a single cabinet as described in the section above.

Center cabinets that have a 28” passageway on one side and a 36” passageway on the other side are available

External cabinet materials are fabricated from #304 stainless steel polished to a #4 satin finish. Powder coated and plated cabinets are available

  • 1120 VAC, 60 Hz or 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Maximum power consumption is 60W per lane with all options installed
  • Primary power is stepped down and rectified for low voltage 12 VDC and 5 VDC operation

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty. Avant-Garde Turnstiles warranty and preventative maintenance programs are available for this product. 

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