Touchless Turnstiles

Covid-19 will change the way facilities operate. Security used to mean physical safety, now it means much more. Facilities are now equally concerned with hygiene and social distancing requirements.  Optical Turnstiles allow people with authorization to pass through to a secure area without forming an obtrusive barrier in the entry. Optical turnstiles are ideal for busy locations because they are touchless and therefore less likely to spread germs from person to person. Options include facial recognition and contactless finger print readers.

“All employers need to consider how best
to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and
lower the impact in their workplace”

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

Our Selection of Touchless Optical Turnstiles

Alvarado SU4500 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile

The SU4500 is Alvarado’s most compact barrier optical turnstile. Designed for high-end facilities where space is at a premium, the SU4500 has a compact installation footprint but doesn’t compromise on security, performance or looks.

Alvarado SU500 Optical Counting Turnstile

Featuring a highly intelligent optical detection system, the Alvarado SU500 is a great option for keeping track of the amount of people entering and exiting a facility. 

Alvarado Argus 40

This compact model has everything that an elegant sensor barrier needs.

Alvarado Argus 60

The definition of elegance, the ambient lighting is integrated to improve aesthetics

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