Security entrances provide many benefits such as preventing workplace crime and violence. There are many different opinions and ideas on the details of security entrances, however when it comes to a basic strategy for security and protection, most can agree that a layered approach is the best option.

For almost all workplace buildings and facilities, the first line of defense is the entrance. It is important to make sure that these entrances are well protected at all times. The main goal is to provide authorized access and to prevent unauthorized access. Having standard swinging doors with locks and an access control system is a great way to help prevent unauthorized access, however there are still some flaws in that set-up. Without a security guard supervising that area, it is very easy to unauthorized personnel to “tailgate” or “piggyback” behind someone who has access to enter the building, and work their way into the building.

A way to combat this issue is to replace traditional swinging doors and locks and install security revolving doors or turnstiles in their place. The key difference between a security entrance and a standard swinging door is that a security entrance will only allow one person to pass at a time, and that person will need authorized credentials to enter.

Turnstiles and revolving doors are also easily integrated with other systems, such as intelligent building systems, logical access controls, incident management systems and other analytics. All of these systems are a great help in preventing unwanted intruders from entering the building. Additionally, aside from the security benefits that these systems offer, these security entrances add a measure of prestige and attractiveness to a facility that cannot be matched by some of the more traditional and utilitarian security barriers available.

In conclusions, the best defense against intruders and unauthorized personnel is to install the best security systems possible. Turnstiles, revolving doors, and mantrap portals are the best systems to prevent “piggybacking” and “tailgating”. Upgrading your security entrance from swinging doors will ensure that your building or facility will maintain a safe environment.

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