Alvarado EDC-3SS Waist High Turnstile


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Alvarado’s waist high turnstiles are installed throughout the world. Our turnstiles are used for bi-directional access control, patron flow control and patron counting. The EDC and EDC-E are superior quality turnstiles. They will provide years of trouble-free operation.

EDC and EDC-E (extended cabinet design) turnstiles are made with high quality components. Many of the turnstile’s internal parts are stainless steel. The turnstile arms rotate smoothly and self-center when returning to the home position. The turnstile does not have visible bolts or fasteners, which makes the turnstile better looking. It also improves security and safety.

The EDC-E turnstile has an extended cabinet and longer rotating arms. This creates a wider passageway for users

  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Smooth turnstile arm rotation with automatic self-centering
  • Field configurable for single direction or bi-directional operation
  • No exposed bolts or fasteners
  • Electric lock control and manual models
  • Smooth, automatically self-centering rotation
  • Rugged controller integrates with any access control system (electric models)
  • Fail-safe or fail lock operation (electric models)
  • Suitable for counting applications (both versions)
  • Low maintenance

Alvarado EDC Product Data Sheet

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