Watchman Forklift Collision Avoidance

Forklift accident prevention is attainable with the Alvarado Watchman. Alvarado’s newly redesigned Watchman helps prevent costly repairs and injuries caused by forklifts in warehouses factories, stores and other facilities. The Watchman is installed in front of, and slightly below, each roll up door and overhead objects. If a forklift is to come in contact with the Watchman, it will trigger a loud siren and flashing red lights. This helps to warn forklift drivers and warehouse management before a possible collision could occur.

Each Watchman is CE marked and is manufactured out of Safety Yellow impact resistant ABS tubing with Flashing Red lights on each end that are activated upon impact. When impacted a VERY audible (105 db) alarm is sounded that can be adjusted to signal for 4 or 8 seconds. An optional remote notification is available to activate another device such as an external light or alarm installed separately. The Watchman is available in lengths of 8’ and 10’, is operated by 115v or 230v AC power supply and can be operated by battery. Battery option uses standard alkaline batteries with a lifespan of approximately 2 years. When batteries are low Watchman will indicate with a chirp similar to a smoke detector. Each Watchman is preinstalled with Cable hooks for hanging device from ceiling or rafter via Aircraft cable (cable not included)

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