When you have a building where sleek design is important then installing security measures can sometimes be a challenge as a major California motion picture studio recently discovered. Security is certainly a top priority at a studio complex where you have a lot of employees, visitors, and often celebrities.  In addition to providing top notch building security the studio felt it was important that security measures blend in with the architecture to be secure, yet welcoming.

After consulting with experts in the field it was determined that optical turnstiles were the best option.  However the challenge was that the studio needed them to be outside meaning that an overhead structure would need to be built to shield the turnstiles from the elements.  The experts at Alvarado proposed the use of its SU5000 optical turnstiles.

The SU5000 has superior operational capabilities, as well as a slim profile with clear side panels. The motorized glass side panels of the SU5000 can be etched with custom designs or logos and the ability to add illuminate panels with LED lights in a variety of colors.

In a project this important it was a collaborated effort between the turnstile experts, the studio, and the architectural firm to make sure that the needs were met with all the concerned parties.  “This was a unique and challenging installation”, said Nick Simon, Alvarado’s National Security Sales Manager. We’re extremely pleased that we could provide a solution that not only looks amazing, but provides superior access control and visitor management in an outdoor setting.”

Click here to learn more about the SU5000 optical turnstile.  If you have questions about the SU5000 or any of the other turnstile and security products we offer please do not hesitate to contact us.

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