There are many factors to consider when selecting a turnstile as part of a secured entry solution. Our experts have outlined some key considerations to help you determine the best turnstile for your business.

Level of Security

The level of security required in the location is one of the most important considerations when selecting the type of turnstile to be used. Typically, areas requiring high security will require a full height turnstile. Full height turnstiles such as the Alvarado MST (link) are often used in distribution centers, government facilities, and stadium entrances.

Other facilities may consider an optical or waist high turnstile. These turnstiles can come equipped with alarm systems to help alert staff if the entry requirements have not been met and a user tries to pass through the system.

Traffic Flow

High traffic areas require a turnstile with higher throughput, such as an optical turnstile. Optical turnstiles allow 50-60 people to pass through per minute. These turnstiles also offer touch free operation through the following optional ad ons: facial ID scanners, badge readers, and touchless fingerprint scanning. 

For areas requiring higher security with higher traffic flow, full height turnstiles are a great option, and using a tandem turnstile can help increase throughput, which is typically 20-25 people per minute on a single version.


It’s important to consider egress needs when choosing a turnstile. Many companies choose to also install pedestrian gates close to their turnstiles for deliveries. Gates are also a good option for areas needing to meet fire safety guidelines and ADA requirements.


For outdoor turnstiles, the weather plays a key role in determining which unit will work best. Full height turnstiles used for outdoor locations can be installed with a roof system to help prevent damage from the elements. One such turnstile is the Gastop Motolock 100 with the fully integrated roof. (image and link) Typically optical turnstiles are not recommended for outdoor use. However, in certain areas with mild temperatures these systems can work well as long as they are functioning in a covered area.

For public facing indoor areas requiring turnstiles, optical units offer a wide variety of finish options to help them fit seamlessly with any decor. For this reason, these turnstiles are a popular choice for lobbies. 

For areas needing high security and a turnstile with a clean, sleek look, the CPST from Alvarado is a full height turnstile with clear, acrylic arms. This turnstile comes with a selection of finish options, making it an attractive solution for public entrances.

Is the location monitored by a guard? 

Oftentimes installing turnstiles can promote cost savings for a business if the location was previously monitored by multiple guards. Many clients find operations cost decrease greatly with the addition of  turnstiles as they allow facilities protection without the need for additional manpower. 

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