Companies spend a lot of money to install doors that forklifts drive in and out of daily. Forklift accident prevention is attainable with the Alvarado Watchman.  It’s only a matter of time, if it hasn’t yet already happened, for one of those forklifts to crash into that highly expensive door. When spending that much money on something, we here at Avant Garde think it’s a good idea to invest in protection. Think of it like insurance on your car or house, it’s there for backup.

Alvarado’s newly redesigned Watchman helps prevent costly repairs and injuries caused by forklifts in warehouses factories, stores and other facilities. The Watchman is installed in front of, and slightly below, each roll up door and overhead objects. If a forklift is to come in contact with the Watchman, it will trigger a loud siren and flashing red lights. This helps to warn forklift drivers and warehouse management before a possible collision could occur.

It’s hard to think that companies are buying expensive items without thinking about what could happen. Even experienced forklift drivers are not exempt of possibly hitting a roll up door, so instead of having to get it fixed, just prevent it from happening in the first place. These products are also purchased for parking structures, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

It’s a great multipurpose for different needs and many companies have already chosen Alvarado’s Watchman from Avant Garde. We insure quality products to everyone. Order your Watchman here and make forklift accident prevention and employee safety a priority at your facility with the Watchman.

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