Q: Can you provide detailed plan drawings for turnstile models?
A: We are always happy to email or fax detail drawings of all of the turnstiles we carry. Just contact us with the make and model numbers you are interested in and we’ll forward the detail drawings to you.

Q: What type of base is needed for installation?
A: Turnstiles require a concrete or steel base for installation. Complete installation information includes specifications for foundations for each turnstile model.

Q: What is the lead time for turnstile orders?
A: Please allow 6-8 weeks from the date of a complete order for turnstiles to arrive.

Q: What is the electrical requirement for your turnstiles?
A: Most of our electric turnstiles accept a standard 110v electrical connection.

Q: Can you customize my turnstile?
A: Yes. Many of our products can be customized with pain colors, logos, lights, and accessories.

Q: What will happen to my turnstiles if power is lost to the building?
A: We recommend battery backups on all our turnstile products. Absent that option the turnstile would open for free egress if was configured for ‘fail safe’ during a power failure. If it was configured ‘fail secure’ the turnstile would stay locked during a power failure situation.

Q: Are your turnstile fail safe?
A: Most of our products can be configured either fail safe or fail secure operation. You will need to specify this at the time of order.

Q: What happens during a fire alarm?
A: If installed correctly by a trained technician the turnstiles are connected to the fire alarm system. During an alarm the barriers will automatically open for free egress.

Q: How long will your installation team be on site for the installation?
A: This depends on the number of turnstiles involved and the specific installation. But as a general rule most turnstiles can be installed in 1-2 days.

Q: What is the warranty of your products?
A: It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, all of our products carry a one year minimum warranty.

Q: Do you offer preventive maintenance?
A: Absolutely. In fact we strongly recommend it. Depending on the application we can make recommendations for a preventative maintenance schedule.

Q: Do you keep stock repair parts in your inventory or are parts special order?
A: We stock Alvarado and Smarter Security repair parts and accessories. We can typically find just about any part you need so feel free to ask.

Q: What is required to get my company set up with terms?
A: Please send us a credit application and we will notify you of your credit terms. typically first orders require payment in full prior to shipment.

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