Construction Rentals

WorkSecure Construction Turnstile Rentals

As the largest independent turnstile contractor in North America our WorkSecure turnstile rentals are designed and delivered with construction in mind from start to finish.

WorkSecure Portable Full Height Construction Turnstiles

Our portable full height turnstiles can easily be picked up and moved with a forklift to maximize deployment speed and flexibility. These portable units do not require a concrete pad and be placed on compacted crushed rock or other firm surface. We offer our portable units in both single and tandem configurations to accommodate any amount of workers.

WorkSecure Bolt Down Full Height Construction Turnstiles

For longer term rentals our bolt down full height turnstiles offer a flexible and affordable security solution. Just like our portable units we offer these in both single and tandem configurations to accommodate your needs.

Features and Options

  • 24/7/364: Construction security with turnstile access control
  • Portable: Allows the freedom to move the turnstile as needed
  • Flexibility: Adding Workers? No problem our system comes in single and tandem configurations and is easily expandable
  • WorkSecure can be installed by our technicians for a no hassle deployment.
  • Like A Rock: Our turnstile are designed and built to be as tough as your job site.
  • Worry Free: Our WorkSecure turnstiles have the best service and support you’ll find anywhere.
  • Wireless Options Available: No IP Connection? No problem we can outfit Worksecure with LTE cellular connectivity.
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