Securing a building entry or exit point can seem like a daunting task. Before you begin your research, here are 5 things to know about choosing a turnstile provider. 

1. Many turnstile manufacturers do not complete installation
It may come as a surprise, but many manufacturers providing turnstile solutions do not actually come on site to install the products. They often have preferred installation partners to complete the work on-site. At Avant-Garde, we’re proud to be the preferred installation company for many world-leading brands.


2. The flow of traffic is important
If you are using a full height turnstile, ensuring you have the unit configured for the flow of traffic is important to keep from impeding the speed at which you’re able to move people in and out of the building. A turnstile provider should ask questions to determine how the unit should be set up at install, based on the job site plans.


3. Does the provider carry turnstiles and parts in stock?
Having parts stocked on service vehicles greatly reduces downtime if a turnstile is in need of repair. It’s also an added bonus if the turnstile provider carries a large stock of new turnstiles for faster delivery. At Avant-Garde, we have one of the largest selections of in-stock turnstiles and parts in the world.


4. How many options does the provider offer?
Most turnstile providers carry one brand of products. This may offer the end user a decent amount of options to choose from. However one advantage to choosing a provider who works with multiple manufacturers is having access to a variety of options. These options may vary in price, passage width, finishes, and more.


5. Are the installation experts certified?
It’s important to ask if your turnstile team offers a vigorous training program for the installation experts. Having a certified team makes a project move faster, and allows peace of mind that the unit installed will work correctly right away. At Avant-Garde, not only are our technicians certified, every member of our sales team are certified installers as well. This ensures you’re offered the best solution for your project each time.


There are many great turnstile options on the market. Selecting the best provider can ensure you get the best solution for your business. 

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