In the world today, there is a rising concern for improved security in large buildings and facilities. There are many different ways to make improvements to a building, and one great option is the use of turnstiles. Replacing traditional doors in a building with turnstiles, or adding turnstiles to an area of entry can greatly improve many aspects of your building including security, access control integration, and operational flexibility.

Improving security in large buildings is a huge topic of discussion today. Adding turnstiles to your facility is a great way to better secure an area. Using turnstiles will allow you to control the number of people entering and exiting a facility and deter unauthorized entries, by issuing valid credentials to individuals who are authorized to be in the building. If a person attempting to walk through the turnstile is unauthorized, an alarm will trigger, notifying the user and security personnel of an issue.

Another benefit to turnstiles, other than improved security, is integration with a building’s access control system. Having an access control system allows you to use the turnstiles in conjunction with cameras, other doors, and security equipment in the facility. This type of control system used alongside turnstiles can also provide you with information such as exact times that a person enters and exits a building.

Lastly, turnstiles will provide the benefit of operational flexibility. Whether you’re looking to update your facility with new turnstiles, or are planning to greatly increase security there are many options that will fit a building’s specific needs. Turnstiles can accommodate a wide variety of credentials readers, can operate in a single direction or bi-directionally, and can be scheduled so that they are effective during different times of the day and days of the week.

In summary, there are many benefits to turnstiles over doors. They can help improve security and with the many options available, every business facility will be able to find a style that will work best for the building. If we can help you find the turnstile that’s best for your entry way, give us a call today.

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