Choosing a Turnstile Provider, 5 Things to Consider

Choosing a Turnstile Provider, 5 Things to Consider

Securing a building entry or exit point can seem like a daunting task. Before you begin your research, here are 5 things to know about choosing a turnstile provider. 

1. Many turnstile manufacturers do not complete installation
It may come as a surprise, but many manufacturers providing turnstile solutions do not actually come on site to install the products. They often have preferred installation partners to complete the work on-site. At Avant-Garde, we’re proud to be the preferred installation company for many world-leading brands.


2. The flow of traffic is important
If you are using a full height turnstile, ensuring you have the unit configured for the flow of traffic is important to keep from impeding the speed at which you’re able to move people in and out of the building. A turnstile provider should ask questions to determine how the unit should be set up at install, based on the job site plans.


3. Does the provider carry turnstiles and parts in stock?
Having parts stocked on service vehicles greatly reduces downtime if a turnstile is in need of repair. It’s also an added bonus if the turnstile provider carries a large stock of new turnstiles for faster delivery. At Avant-Garde, we have one of the largest selections of in-stock turnstiles and parts in the world.


4. How many options does the provider offer?
Most turnstile providers carry one brand of products. This may offer the end user a decent amount of options to choose from. However one advantage to choosing a provider who works with multiple manufacturers is having access to a variety of options. These options may vary in price, passage width, finishes, and more.


5. Are the installation experts certified?
It’s important to ask if your turnstile team offers a vigorous training program for the installation experts. Having a certified team makes a project move faster, and allows peace of mind that the unit installed will work correctly right away. At Avant-Garde, not only are our technicians certified, every member of our sales team are certified installers as well. This ensures you’re offered the best solution for your project each time.


There are many great turnstile options on the market. Selecting the best provider can ensure you get the best solution for your business. 

Looking for a Turnstile or Gate for Your Secured Access Solution?

Looking for a Turnstile or Gate for Your Secured Access Solution?

Why You Should Consider a Hayward Turnstiles Product from Avant-Garde!

When searching for a full height turnstile or gate, consider a product from one of our manufacturing partners, Hayward Turnstiles Inc. Hayward is a family-owned company offering turnstiles, gates, and safety sleeves. Their products are proudly made in the U.S.A.! Each full height turnstile offers high security and the excellent quality you can expect from all of Avant-Garde’s product offerings. Not to mention, their full height solutions come in a plethora of sizes and lane widths to facilitate even the most custom access control projects. 

“Continual manufacturing innovation and design superiority allow us to minimize overhead and provide top quality turnstiles and gates at a fraction of the price offered by the competition. We are proud to have Avant-Garde as one of our trusted partners, offering expert installation, turnstile sales, service, and parts.” -Drew Schwarz, Marketing story/

Get to Know Hayward’s Products

HT431 Full Height Turnstile 

The HT431 was proudly designed and built in the U.S.A. with the American market in mind. Because of this, the standard passage width on the HT431 is a comfortable 31 inches, unlike models offered by competitors that exhibit narrower lane widths built for the European market and adapted for the American market.

Product features:

  • Free full height turnstile safety sleeves with each purchase
  • The HT431 is also available in a space-saving tandem orientation, the HT431T, to provide two lanes of passage in one single turnstile 
  • This unit integrates via a momentary dry contact with most access control hardware and software
  • There are numerous customization options including:
    • Card reader mounting plates
    • Indicator lights
    • Out of service locks
    • Key overrides
    • And more!
  • This unit is built to withstand continuous traffic with very little maintenance because of the following standard features: 
    • Self-centering mechanisms with hydraulic shock suppression 
    • Permanently lubricated bearings
    • Interior components produced in a highly-precise AS9100 aerospace CNC machine shop to provide superior reliability and longevity

Hayward models HT431T  and HT440 also come with free safety sleeves! 

HTG-M Mesh Full Height Security Gate

The HTG-M provides the same floor to ceiling level of security coverage as a full height turnstile, while simultaneously providing an ADA compliant entrance/exit.

Product Features: 

  • The full welded exterior components meet ASTM standards with minimally exposed tamper-proof hardware and a self-closing hinge standard
  • This unit is outfitted with sturdy vertical steel bars coupled with heavy duty mesh infill to protect against reach through and unauthorized entry
  • Each gate comes standard with a full length panic bar for emergency egress and a field reversible electronic strike lock that can also be used mechanically with a key if integration with access control is not required
  • The HTG-M integrates with virtually all access control software and hardware via  momentary dry contact
  • The gate was designed at the same height and general appearance as the Hayward full height turnstiles so it can be installed side by side to provide a comprehensive access control solution that is both ADA compliant and easily accessible to entrants
  • The HTG-M offers a SMALLER FOOTPRINT than some competitor without sacrificing ADA compliance, making it a great choice for when space is at a premium

Full Height Turnstile Safety Sleeves

Hayward Turnstiles full height turnstile Safety Sleeves are provided at no cost with certain installations, including the HT431, HT431T, and the HT440. These Safety Sleeves help soften impacts, preserve turnstile arm finishes, insulate turnstile arms against the cold, and keep turnstiles arms cool to the touch in direct sunlight. 

Product Features:

  • Hayward Turnstiles Safety Sleeves are constructed from weather resistant industrial grade PVC exterior materials laminated to an interior protective foam padding for indoor or outdoor use
  • The Safety Sleeves are designed with zippers for easy installation, cleaning, and replacing
  • These sleeves also ship flat and are ready for quick installation in the field with no prep work required
  • The material softens impact, preserves turnstile arm finishes, cools bars in direct sunlight, and insulates bars in cold climates
  • There are multiple color options including highly-visible orange, or discreet grey

Professional Installation

Avant-Garde offers professional installation, parts, repair, and maintenance programs for our product offerings. Along with other brands, we are a certified Hayward Turnstiles installer with extensive experience installing and servicing their products in the field.  

For more information about Hayward Turnstiles Inc., please visit their website:

Which Turnstile Options Provide the Highest Level of Security?

Which Turnstile Options Provide the Highest Level of Security?

Typically if you’re looking for a turnstile option providing a high level of security at the entrance or the exit of a building, full height turnstiles are a great option. Full height turnstiles are a floor-to-ceiling secured entry solution. They operate much like a revolving door, allowing one user to pass through at a time while utilizing a locking mechanism which prevents unwanted entry if access credentials are not met.

Typical applications

Full height turnstiles can be used indoors or outdoors in the right conditions. Typically for an outdoor installation we recommend installing a roof unit as well, to prolong the life of your investment. 

These turnstiles are often used in the following locations: 

  • Distribution Centers
  • Sports and Event Venues
  • Military Bases
  • Amusement Parks
  • Public Transportation Terminals

 Full Height Turnstile Featured Brands


Alvarado turnstiles are made in the U.S.A. and are known for offering speed control as a standard feature. They also offer a motorized top channel which can turn their full height turnstiles into touch free units, providing safe passage with the same security and durability you’d expect from Alvarado. 

Avant-Garde has the largest in-stock selection of Alvarado turnstiles in North America. We also carry parts on our service trucks for rapid repair anywhere in the continental United States. 




Hayward turnstiles are made and manufactured in the U.S.A. Hayward full height turnstiles are designed to last with minimal maintenance required. Their turnstiles come in a variety of opening widths, making them suitable at many locations and for use in various industries.

The full height turnstiles come with complimentary safety sleeves.



Gastop turnstiles come standard with a variety of features which are options on most domestic products. Gastop offers full height turnstiles with integrated LED activation lights and a 2 year manufacturer warranty. They also have portable options, ideal for securing temporary work sites. These turnstiles are available with integrated roofs.


To purchase a full height turnstile, or to discuss secured entry options, please fill out or form, or schedule a meeting with a turnstile consultant today!

Congratulations to Jesse Bewley for 2 Years at Avant-Garde!

Congratulations to Jesse Bewley for 2 Years at Avant-Garde!

We’d like to congratulate one of our team members, Jesse Bewley, on his two year anniversary joining the team at Avant-Garde. 

“Jesse is an integral part of our organization. He’s an innovative thinker and brings new ideas to the team which often get implemented and add to our success. His interactions with customers have allowed him to form great relationships, which is our focus. At the core, we’re a service organization, and Jesse provides excellent customer service.” -Bill Cox, Regional Sales Director


Bewley is our Regional Sales Director for the Southeastern United States. Interestingly, he first worked with Avant-Garde as a customer. In his previous role as an IT Manager for the county government in his area, Bewley worked with the team to complete a subcontractor project. 


“Eric Mager, the CEO of the company came to the job site and I had the opportunity to meet with him. I really appreciated his professionalism, and the work they completed was on-time and exceeded our expectations.” 


Six years have passed since Bewley’s first meeting with Mager. As they completed more projects over time Jesse said he became interested in working at Avant-Garde. “I liked the business model. I also appreciated the way Eric does things and how he treats people, he inspired me. When I came to the company I knew I was getting involved in something special with a growing company.”

Today, Bewley says he enjoys his role because he gets to meet new people and hear their stories and experiences. He said appreciates the ability to help customers find the right turnstile solution to meet their secured entry needs. He also appreciates the company culture. 

“I love collaborating with my team members. It’s a work environment that allows everyone to share ideas and contribute. Eric really listens to his employees and makes you feel valued.” 

In his downtime Bewley enjoys traveling with his wife. He also enjoys spending time with his 3 children and two grandsons. 

Letter from our CEO

Letter from our CEO

My name is Eric Mager, the founder and CEO of Avant-Garde. I’m excited you are considering joining our growing family of turnstile customers from around the world.

My wife, Megan Mager, co-founder and CFO, and I started this company to revolutionize the way customers buy and own turnstiles. After years of building relationships with our customers, we realized there was a need for a company with a singular focus- turnstile installation and repair. In the years since, we have built one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

If you’re searching for a turnstile provider, you’ve come to the right place. Our team will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish. Avant-Garde offers these distinct advantages:

  1. Turnstiles are what we do- our singular focus gives us a unique competitive advantage
  2. We are the largest independent turnstile provider and contractor in the world
  3. We carry the top selling turnstiles from leading manufacturers from around the globe
  4. Our unprecedented buying power gives our customers the best value available
  5. We dont work for shareholders. We are a family owned and operated company. We work for you.

We are passionate about turnstiles and serving our clients. We’ve had unprecedented growth but haven’t forgotten who we are- THE BEST turnstile team, offering the best turnstile products and service period.

We look forward to working with you!

Eric Mager
Founder & CEO

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