Turnstiles for Amazon Distribution Centers

We secure the world’s largest distribution centers

At Avant-Garde, we’ve worked with many well-known Fortune 500 companies to secure some of the largest distribution centers around the world. We carry a large stock of turnstiles from leading manufacturers, allowing us to provide our customers with the most efficient secured entry solutions.

Selecting a turnstile for your distribution center, such as an Amazon facility, is an important process with a few key considerations. When choosing a turnstile or gate system, items to consider are:

  • The level of security needed
  • The amount of people passing through the system
  • Where the turnstile is located
  • Passage width
  • Egress and delivery needs

Selecting a Turnstile Provider

There are many turnstile manufacturers to choose from, making selecting the appropriate product seem like a daunting task. At Avant-Garde, we’re unique because we offer solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers, meaning we can provide you with the best options for your needs without having to sell a particular brand.

When working with us you can expect:

  • One of the largest in-stock selections of turnstiles and parts in the world
  • Our turnstile experts are certified turnstile installers- meaning you get a turnkey solution that matches your specific needs
  • The advantage of unprecedented buying power- our purchasing power gives us the ability to pass our savings to the customer

High Security Full Height Turnstile Options for Distribution Centers

Full height turnstiles are a leading choice for distribution centers for their incredible level of security and cost-effectiveness. Full height turnstiles are a great option for those facilities requiring maximum security as they prevent tailgating.

  • Typical throughput: 25- 30 people per lane, per minute
  • Outdoor turnstile placement is an option, especially with a fully integrated roof
  • Can connect with any access control system for safe, touchless entry; temperature scanning; facial recognition; QR codes, and Millimeter Wave technology for an advanced shortage prevention option
  • Cost-saving versus having multiple guards to secure entrances and exits




Alvarado is one of the most popular choices for full height turnstiles. Made in the U.S.A, these turnstiles are known for lasting durability and variety of passage widths. Avant-Garde has the largest stock of Alvarado turnstiles and parts in the world for rapid deployment.

For outdoor turnstile installation, we recommend the Avant-Garde custom turnstile canopy solutions, or turnstiles with an integrated roof system.

Optical Turnstile Options for Distribution Centers

Optical turnstiles are an attractive option for use in both team member entrances and in customer facing areas. These turnstiles are great for high traffic areas as they allow high throughput with touchless entry options including card readers, facial ID scanners and more.

  • High throughput 50-55 people per minute
  • Variety of finish options for seamless integration with most lobby decor
  • Touchless access control options for enhanced safety and illness prevention



Gate Options for Distribution Centers
Pedestrian gates are often used with turnstiles in distribution centers to help with deliveries, egress needs, and to meet ADA requirements.

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